CNP Payment Forum in Poland June 17th 2014

Top Payment Professionals Provided Insights on the Opportunities and Issues in the Polish eCommerce Market

The Customer Not Present Payment Forum (CNPPF) conducted its East European conference to be held in Warsaw on 17th June, 2014. The focus of the conference was the discussion on trends in Polish eCommerce Market. The conference addressed many of the payment management issues affecting merchants in developing eCommerce markets. Top payment professionals and merchants themselves shared their experiences and provided advice on how to increase revenues and reduce costs with the right payment strategy. 

Poland, one of the fastest growing eCommerce markets in Europe

Dotcom River reports that Poland is one of the fastest growing eCommerce markets in Europe, growing at approximately 25% year by year. The estimated eCommerce B2C value of goods trade, not including services, in 2013 was more than 6 billion EUR. The current growth rate is expected to continue and this figure is predicted to rise in two years time to nearly 11 billion EUR. This background in mind, the 9th annual conference of the CNP Payment Forum is held in Warsaw on 17th June, 2014 to discuss trends in Polish eCommerce Market.

CNP Payment Forum

The CNP Payment Forum provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the key new technologies and payment approaches changing the Polish payments landscape over the next few years. The event included detailed discussion of current credit card trends and provided a case study on mobile payments. Also, there was a presentations on subscription models for the media verticals in Poland. The forum included a stakeholder panel where leading organizations will discuss their perspectives on how the Polish eCommerce industry will evolve. The event was sponsored by Visa and supported by e-Commerce Poland, the Chamber of Digital Economy in Poland.


  • Ashok Misra / Chair of CNP Payment Forum: Welcome and Introductory Remarks
  • Visa Europe: Key Note Presentation by Visa Europe
  • Facilitated by PROVENTA AG: Panel Discussion on Current Payment Trends in Poland and Other Developing eCommerce Markets
  • Peter Richards, Piano Media: Subscription models for the media verticals in Poland
  • Krzysztof Urban, mytaxi Polska: Case Study:  Mobile Payments in TAXI Market. Solutions for Corporate and Individual Passengers